What is a Brazilian Wax?

A Brazilian wax refers to a method of removal of all pubic hair from the pelvic area.This includes the front area of the crotch all the way back to the buttocks and around the anus.This process applies to both men and women but is most popular with women.A Brazilian wax is also referred to as a full Brazilian wax, full bikini wax or the sphinx.The name sphinx is derived from a rare cat breed that is hairless with a very smooth skin. Warning: if you suffer from tonsil stones,
You should not try to take the procedure, but try to cure it first.

A Brazilian wax is administered by a cosmetician or a waxing specialist.One can also do it themselves at home but this is not very advisable especially when doing it for the first time.Most spas today will offer this service. A specialist will be able to do it faster and with less pain. He or she will also be able to remove more hair than an amateur would. Doing it yourself you might leave patches of hair or you might be too afraid to go through all the way. A specialist is also more experienced and knows the best products to apply to ease the pain.If not done well there could be infections, uneven removal of hair leaving patches, severe pain or slight bleeding. It is advised that to do this process by yourself you should have training first. if you feel severe pain, you can use oxycodone or hydrocodone to east the pain.    brazilian wax

The procedure:
If the hair is long it should be trimmed to 1/4-1/2 long.Long hair is more difficult to remove.The specialist will then clean and disinfect the area.Baby or talcum powder is then applied around the region,this helps to reduce the pain, dry your skin and gets the wax to stick to the hair and not your skin.Warm wax is then applied to the hair and covered by a thin strip of clean cloth.Cotton strips are then placed over the wax in the direction the hair grows.The wax is then allowed to harden and stick to the strip.The cosmetician will ensure your skin is taut using one hand,it’s easier removing the hair from tight skin than loose skin.Once the wax has dried around the hair,the cloth is pulled across the skin pulling the hair out by the roots. The strips are pulled in the opposite direction of hair growth, this is less painful and more efficient.

The Brazilian specialist will start from the outer areas of the navel and upper leg and work his/her way to the vulva area.Once done, tweezers are used to remove any stubborn hairs. Thicker hairs are also more difficult to remove. Sometimes a thin vertical line of hair is left on the pubis.This is normally refered to as a landing strip.If doing the waxing by yourself and some patches of hair remain make sure to wait a few days before waxing again to allow the skin loose its sensitivity.The procedure involves some degree of pain although with subsequent procedures one gets more used to it. Applying anesthetic cream or taking a pain tablet is advisable even though the pain goes down once the procedure is completed. Some discomfort may be experienced in the following few days along with sensitivity.Expect reddening of the skin, the inflammation is normal and will decrease with time.Once done, one should clean with some warm water, apply oil,powder or lotion to sooth the skin. Brazilian wax lasts between 3 to 4 weeks. After that the procedure needs to be performed again. This is a considerable amount of time.

Benefits of a Brazilian wax:
The biggest difference between a Brazilian wax and a normal shave is that with a Brazilian, the hair takes much longer to grow back, usually around four weeks.This is because the hair is pulled out from the the root and not just shaved from the surface.Also, one does not have to worry about any cuts or razor bumps as would be the case after shaving.

Why a Brazilian Wax?
The Brazilian wax was popularized by television especially from the beginning of the 21st century. The major reason for its popularity is the sex appeal factor.Thanks to TV and magazines, having no hair at all in the pelvic region is today perceived as more appealing.It’s also considered as better hygiene.
Another reason is that women do not want hair peeking out of the bikinis when in the pool or at the beach,that would be quite unappealing.
Some women also prefer it to shaving because they do not have to worry about shaving every now and then. With a Brazilian wax they only have to do it a few times a year.
Another reason for the Brazilian wax is that it makes one look more youthful due to lack of any hair.

Critics of the Brazilian wax argue that it is expensive, causes undue pain and is unnatural. The average rate for a Brazilian wax is between 50-75 dollars.It’s also argued that it can cause infections if not performed by a professional.